Ways to Contribute

Your charitable donation helps Orchestra 2001 deliver world-class performances of new music to the diverse community of Philadelphia, and beyond.

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Orchestra 2001 occasionally needs help from volunteers for events in the Philadelphia area such as concerts, mailings and benefits. Volunteer duties vary widely and may include distributing posters, mailing letters, or handing out programs at a concert. If you have an interest in volunteering with us, please call 267-687-6243 or contact info@orchestra2001.org.


Orchestra 2001 offers Internship opportunities to assist the administrative staff in the operations of the organization. The organization offers a loose structure that can be tailored to the skills of the individual and the immediate needs of the Orchestra 2001. Internships are unpaid, but provide a small fixed expense stipend. We strive to make the experience as worthwhile as possible. If you have an interest in applying for an internship, please call 267-687-6243 or contact info@orchestra2001.org.


You can simultaneously promote your business and support local music by purchasing a program ad. CLICK HERE to download a PDF form with all the details, or email inquiries to Alice, athompson(at)orchestra2001.org.