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COMPOSER AT WORK is a unique storefront approach with a transparent view into the process of musical creation, funding, rehearsal, and performance. Visitors to Orchestra 2001's studio #8 at Cherry Street Pier can meet composers, observe the progress of their micro-commissions, ask questions, and attend the premieres. All concerts in this series are free, and strive to reach as many neighborhoods in Philadelphia as possible.

Funded by generous grants from The Barra Foundation Catalyst Fund and The Musical Fund Society.

You can support our featured composers below! Help Orchestra 2001 increase the number of performances, providing more opportunities for local musicians, and take pride in the fact that you made new music possible. 

Erin Busch Composer


Erin Busch has received an Orchestra 2001 micro-commission residency to write a string quartet based on the "Hold Tight" mural as part of our new series: IN THE KEY OF L: Music Along SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line.

Help Orchestra 2001 reach a goal of $2500 to produce multiple concerts of Erin's work, "HOLD TIGHT".  Text the code "FUNDERIN" to 44-321 or VISIT THE CAMPAIGN to show your support.

Orlando Haddad, Composer At Work, Orchestra 2001

COMPOSER AT WORK: Orlando Haddad

Info coming soon.

COMPOSER AT WORK: Chuck Holdeman


Diego Schissi Composer At Work, Orchestra 2001


Info coming soon.

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COMPOSER AT WORK: Thomas Whitman

Our Philadelphia celebrates the vibrant life of this city in its diversity and contradictions. This new work is commissioned by Orchestra 2001 with the support of the William Penn Foundation, as part of the ensemble's EMERGING MARKETS series. The composition refers to some of the city's well-known public marketplaces and will be played at those sites in 2021.

Help Orchestra 2001 reach a goal of $2,500 to produce multiple concerts of Thomas's work, "OUR PHILADELPHA".  Text the code "FUNDTHOMAS" to 44-321 or VISIT THE CAMPAIGN to show your support.

Dates and programs subject to change.
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