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World premiere at Cherry Street Pier!

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Chuck Holdeman, composer, has written for voice, orchestra, band, chamber groups,  film, and schools. His two one-act comic operas are “Agostino and the Puccini Clarinet,” produced in 2007 and 2008 at the Music School of Delaware, and "Young Meister Bach," commissioned by the Bach Festival of Bethlehem, which gave it four performances in 2014. In 2006 his “Concerto tre d’uno” was commissioned and premiered by the Philadelphia Classical Symphony.

He is currently the principal bassoonist for the Bach Festival of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he began performing in 1969, and he performs with the Philadelphia’s new music group Relâche, which he joined in 1985. He was a member of the Buffet Trio for 20 years, and for 28 years was a member of the Delaware Symphony Orchestra, including 24 years as principal. He received the DSO's Beekhuis Award for outstanding performance and service in 2003, and as a composer he received the first Master Artist Fellowship to be awarded by the Delaware State Arts Council, in 2000.

Recent projects include Chuck's eight movement composition for baritone voice, violin, viola, ‘cello, and piano, based on the poetry of Jeffrey Harrison, which was premiered in March 2019 in Wilmington and Philadelphia by Grant Youngblood and the Pyxis Piano Quartet. In addition to his new work on Cherry Street Pier for Luigi Mazzocchi, violin and Elizabeth Steiner, harp, he is working on a one-act opera for young audiences, “Yorgie Yorgensen, the Pop-Cycle, and the Sausage Bassoon,” with librettist Vincent Marinelli. 


Chuck assisted with a workshop in our studio for young composers from Play on Philly!  He provided expertise that pushed the compositions in new and exciting directions that the students couldn’t have imagined to be possible. He is a thoughtful mentor, in addition to being a great composer. Help us bring his composition to life by donating to support the Composer At Work performance.

More information coming soon! 

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