7:30 - 9:30 PM
Cherry Street Pier, 2nd Floor Terrace
121 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19106
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FREE and open to the public

I Move film still
Image: I Move, film still courtesy of Nick D'Amico, Tyler Caton and Victoria Prizzia

Music, art, and a short film about the Delaware River come together in a spontaneous collaboration featuring resident artists of Cherry Street Pier.

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7:30 pm – I Move film with unique improvised score

8:00 pm – Musical sketch by Ed Marion, to improvised music

8:30 pm – I Move film with [another] unique improvised score

9:00 pm – Musical sketch by Ed Marion, to improvised music


Studio #3, Habithèque Inc.
Victoria Prizzia, founder + principal

Victoria Prizzia, Habitheque


Studio #15
Ed Marion, painter and illustrator

Ed Marion, painter and illustrator 


Studio #16
India Abbott, moving image

India Abbott, film and video artist 


Studio #8, Orchestra 2001
Andrea Clearfield, composer

Andrea Clearfield, Composer, Orchestra 2001


Studio #8, Orchestra 2001
Andy Thierauf, percussion/composer

Andy Thierauf, percrussionist/composer


I Move

Image: I Move, film still courtesy of Nick D'Amico, Tyler Caton and Victoria PrizziaThe many habitats of the Delaware River watershed formed over many thousands of years, as the river grew, changed course, and carved its way through mountains and hills to the sea. Slowly these habitats filled with a diversity of species, living systems, and balancing acts that we are just now beginning to look at—and better understand—holistically. From the inspiring headwaters to the exhilarating ocean, an expedition near water is a journey for the senses. The sights, sounds, and smells found where land and water meet reveal a colorful history of nature, and our own story as one of the many species that inhabit our watery world. 

I Move is a film that allows us to soar above the watershed that surrounds us!
Immersing us in its beauty and power, because learning from these natural systems will be key to a healthier and more sustainable future for all of life.

Creative and Content Director: Victoria Prizzia (Habithèque)
Cinematography & Editing: Nick D'Amico
Drone Operator(s): Nick D'Amico & Tyler Caton
Supporting Cinematography: Tyler Caton
(In the original, Sound Design & Recording: Will Owen; Poem and Narration: James Ijames)

Lead support for PIER PRESSURE  is provided by The William Penn Foundation.

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