Individual Donors


   Cello Chair in Perpetuity

The Venarde Family,

in memory of Dell Venarde

   Flute Chair

Stephanie Lewis

   Piano Chair

Andrew Rudin,

in memory of Tom Queenan

   Conductor Chair

Jonathan Hodgson and Andrea Knox

funded 2018-2020


INDIVIDUAL DONORS – the following list represents those who have given from October 2017 to September 10, 2019. Please notify us of errors or omissions!

$20,000 to $29,999

Jonathan Hodgson and Andrea Knox 

Alan Gary King and Eleanor Kazdan

Will Sachse and Carolyn Hazard


$10,000 to $19,999

Joannes and Marja Hoek

Lynn Hollen Lees


$5,000 to $9,999

Johannes de Jong and Kimberly Adams

David R. DeVoe and Laura A. Lane


$2,500 to $4,999

Peter Breslauer

Allison Herz

Andrew Rudin


$1,000 to $2,499

Peter Benoliel and Willo Carey

Bob and Helen Buttel

Richard Goldstein and Jennifer Nizen, in memory of Bernard and Freda Goldstein

Barbara Murray


$500 to $999

Kai-Zu Chi and Center City Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PLLC

Doris J. Dabrowski, Esq.

Jay Reise and Cecilia Paredes-Reise

Neil and Diane Sussman, in honor of Gary King


$250 to $499

Nathalie F. Anderson, in honor of Joan Landis

Robert (Buzz) and Linda Berger, in honor of the birth of Alistair Jack Ogren

      (son of Jayce and Carly Ogren)

Harris and Louise Clearfield

Anthony B. Creamer III

Ronald and Rachelle Kaiserman

David H. and Lorraine B. Kilmer

Jennifer and Josh Lesnick

Randall Scarlata


$100 to $249

Nancy Acker, in memory of Arne Running

Susan Bishov, in honor of Rosalie Berger

Lawrence and Diane Blum

Ulrich Böckheler

George and Elizabeth Crumb

Thomas and Eleanor Elkinton, in honor of David DeVoe and Jean Dowdall

Betty Gottlieb

Daris Hale

Jim and Lis Hammons

William and Jane Heintzelman

Yumi Hwang-Williams

Annette Jaffe

Robert and Anne Kamrin

Joseph and Bridget Kasinskas

Christel Krugovoy

Scott Temple and Toni Lipton Temple

Bruce E. Lohman

Rachel Merz and Brian Clark

Griff Miller

Tom Purdom

James and Berenice Saxon

Rheta R. Smith

Guy and Julia Welbon


Up to $99

Sheryl Bronkesh

Peter and Miriam Burwasser

Kevin Cope

Harrington E. Crissey Jr., in honor of David Finko

Kate Danser

Charles and Diane DeMirjian

Edna F. Dick

Doris Hall-Gulati

Nancy Feld and Ned Heltzer

Giovanni Garcia

Kathy Geisler

David Gottlieb

Michael S. Hanna

Cheryl Harris

Darryl Hartshorne

Kenneth and Eleanor Hiebert

Elizabeth Jaffe

Joan Kimball

George King, in memory of Paul Robeson

Alan and Nina Kirschner

Chris Komer

Brian and Jackie Kovach, in memory of Arne Running

Jay Krush

Jan Krzywicki

Jeffrey Lang

Monica Lanning

Jennifer Magee Lapin

Susan and Donald Larson

Colleen Law

Daniel Coren and Gretta Leopold

Steffi Lewis

Dinah Lovitch

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Maloney MD

Marylou Manahan

Margaret Marco

Dan McDougall

Ricardo Morales

Miriam Nadler

Pamela Nelson

Anne Peterson

Charlotte D. Phelps

Mick Ricereto

Lee Richey

Jane Richter

Gordon and Karen Rose

Christina Rusnak

Henry and Yumi Scott

Chris Simoncelli

Kile and Jacqueline Smith

Bertram and Lynne Strieb

Paul S. Szymanski

Michel Taddei

Dan Wions



Chanelle Blackwell

Ulrich Böckheler

Pat Brotman

Aura Carlson

Jackie Cassidy

Kerri Dolan

Kristin Koefoed

Andrew Hauze

Elizabeth Kaderabek

James Kindya

Gary King

Chau Wing Lam

Colleen Law

Jacklyn Lee

Jennifer Lesnick

Jay Levin

Frances Liao

Tracy Liebman

Wenxin Liu

Xi Liu

Steven Mackey

Willard Martin

Jim Mullahy

Rajiv Nag

Ines Oliveros

Kathy Pentek

Susan Raab

Stanford Thompson

Michelle Trinh

Neville Vakharia

Alex Vogels


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